Apr 15, 2005

Something about the thought of anyone seeing Fever Pitch gives me the heeby-jeebies.

FMC's Policy Day was a resounding success. Thanks to all the bloggers who plugged it. Next stop is the Tribeca Film Festival on April 27 & 28. FMC has procured 2 panels, SOUNDTRACKS OF OUR FILMS and COPYRIGHTING CREATIVITY. The Soundtrack panel will most likely feature Tim Robbins and other famous types, so get a ticket now! The Copyright panel will probably be more interesting, as we'll be discussing licensing songs in documentaries such as Eyes on the Prize.

I made a briefcase out of 6 vinyl record covers and lots of duct tape yesterday. Sure do wish I had taken a picture of it before it went to New York.

We welcomed Newley P. back to DC last night at Toledo Lounge with some beers and a few hours of catching up about his last year in Taiwan.


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