Apr 28, 2005

I had a 35 course dinner last night.
1. Chocolate Foie Gras Truffle - very confusing with the salt and the sweet, but yummy.
2. Pork Rinds with Maple Syrup
3. Lotus Chips with Star Anise
4. Passion Fruit Whiskey Sour
5. Crispy Rice with Nori
6. Mojito Spritz - this was a drink in a perfume bottle.
7. Salmon Roe Cone
8. Pineapple Salmon Ravioli with Avocado & Quinoa
9. Jicama wraps
10. Deconstructed Glass of White Wine
11. Liquid Canteloupe Ravioli
12. Melon Tenderloin with Almond Espuma & Micro Salad
13. Organized Ceasar Salad
14. Cotton Candy Foie Gras
15. Japanese Baby Peaches with Greek Yogurt
16. Conch Fritters
17. Mikimoto Pearl and Oyster
18. Zucchini Caviar
19. Hot & Cold Foie Gras Soup (served in a cappucino cup
20. Guacamole (thinly sliced avocado wrapping a tomato sorbet)
21. Light Bulb of Flavor (they turned out the lights and handed each of us an edible blinking light bulb!)
22. Frozen Beet Soup with Scallop
23. Egg 147 with Caviar (this was an egg cooked at 147 degrees for 20 minutes - delish)
24. Lobster Americaine
25. New New England Clam Chowder
26. Breaded Cigalas
27. Philly Cheese Steak
28. Watermelon Air
29. Apples with Red Wine "Fredy Girardet"
30.Pina Colada
31. Saffron Gumdrop
32. Fruit Cocktail
33. Maracuya Marshmallows
34. Chocolate Covered Corn Nuts
35. Halls Lollipop
I highly recommend heading to Mini Bar if you happen to have some bones saved up and like to try scientific, fun food creations. Wow. I got to go in honor of being on this earth for 29 years...

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