Mar 15, 2005

Below is a few pieces of an email I received from a friend visiting Tokyo:

The food here is much more different than I anticipated. A lot of it
is 400% unidentifiable. I am telling you, you look at it and it is
NOTHING you have ever seen before. They basically take cabbage
and meat and oil and soy sauce and mush it all together and cook it.
Can't say it was good but it was interesting!!

This morning we woke up at 4 am to go to a fish market! It was
absolutely fascinating. They have the regular fresh fish that you can
buy but the cool part was this room with HUGE tuna that people come
around and inspect and buy. Supposedly each fish costs anywhere from
$60000-100000. They are HUGE. I had no idea tuna were so big. They
are probably at least 150 lbs and some of them were at least 4 ft
long. These guys come around with flashlights and look inside and lift
the fins and decide if they want to buy them. They also have live
auctions for the fish. We went around the corner and had fresh amazing
sushi for breakfast (sushi for breakfast was a first!). They have
restaurants that are like 15 ft deep and 3 ft wide that they squeeze in
like 8 bar stools at a counter and the chefs chop stuff up and feed
you. Very cool! (For those of you who know Marty, he barely fit in
this place and couldn't walk to the cash register!).
And we are going to see a sumo wrestling tournament in Osaka!!

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