Mar 8, 2005

I took a survey generally about the Nationals today. I don't know who was conducting it, but the questions generally ran along the lines of:
Would you strongly agree, somewhat agree, sonewhat disagree, or strongly disagree that Orioles owner blahdeeblah should not be able to charge all DC residents an extra $2-$3 for cable in order to broadcast Nationals games on a new channel because of his loss in revenue and attendance for the Orioles?
I don't know nearly enough about this subject to know whether I truly agree or disagree, but I generally think the Orioles owner ought to be compensated for his losses in having another team so close by, but not so much that it dents the Nationals' chances of succeeding.
I'm a baseball loving girl who's simply excited to have a new team close by (mostly in order to go to Red Sox and Braves games, but I may just become an actual fan). But I also know NOTHING about the logistics of the taxes and the fights and all that nonsense, so if anyone wants to edumucate me, that would be fine, as long as I don't end up hating baseball...

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Underused said...

I strongly agree that Peter Angelos needs a big sloppy kiss upside the head with a baseball bat. Many urban areas actually have two baseball teams IN THE SAME CITY! Gasp!