Mar 22, 2005

As a songwriter lover, I always think these shows are unique, especially if the performers are gutsy enough to chime in on one another's songs. That wasn't the case at IOTA last night, but the round robin performances by Leah Morgan, Dean Fields, Eric Hutchinson, Kyler England, and Anais Mitchell were all memorable, as was the turnout.

Leah organized the show and was the only non-ax-toting member, sticking with the keyboards. I'm a big supporter of hers and thought she played really well, and was creative in coming up with the round order and round categories (extended metaphor?).

I had never laid eyes on the rest of the players, but thought Dean Fields had a remarkably good voice. I was a tiny bit offput by his unwillingness to play the category game and thought he could have been a bit nicer about it, but the good voice made up for both that faux paus and the one on his late arrival T-shirt.

Kyler England's voice was also a standout. During the miscellaneous round, she played a song entitled "Something So Beautiful" which I inexplicably knew all the words to. Must be on the Paste Sampler.

I looked forward to Eric Hutchinson's turn each round, because he was good at what we like to call the witty banter, and quite possibly the strongest songwriter in the bunch. Also, not to leave the folk out of the hipster scene, he performed what can only be termed a FOLK MASHUP during the "cover song" round. I had forgotten which songs he mashed up, so dashed off an email to him. His reply:
"Thanks for writing and glad you were able to make it out to Iota last night. I had a lot of fun and it was great to see such a great turnout. The two songs i "mashed up" were MY GIRL by The Temptations and IGNITION (REMIX) by R. Kelly. Hope that helps."
He was the most energetic, catchy, and fun.

Anais Mitchell was the one with the biggest crush on another nameless singer/songwriter. Her voice harkens Joanna Newsom.

Overall, a more than decent Monday night show, and I'd make efforts to see each of the artists again on their own.

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