Mar 31, 2005

Lo, it was four years ago when a friend introduced me to Kris Delmhorst. She plopped folk record Five Stories into the CD player and I immediately loved Kris' simple but somehow complicated songs and her airy but totally captivating voice. Following that moment, for two years I frequented shows in Boston's lively folk scene, where the folkies all know each other and seem to love to sit in with one another. Every night when one of the members of this tight-nit folk club (most of these artists have since signed with Signature Sounds in MA) played, I could count on a totally unique live experience in an authentic community-feeling setting.
I do miss that community here in DC. Maybe I simply haven't stumbled upon it, but I don't think there are a huge group of musicians who are able to sit in with one another to challenge and support each other. I suspect those musicians in the Boston area are a "special" lot.
All that said, last night's Redbird show at Jammin Java was a transplant's taste of the Bay State "the more the merrier" style. Jeffrey Foucault, Peter Mulvey, and Kris Delmhorst played close to three hours of songs in the round, and everyone contributed to almost every song.
The room was packed. Since Gina first took me, I've paid it forward and invited some friends along the way, all of whom have become fans as rabid as I am. Jeffrey Foucault was new to me, a recent transplant from WI to MA, but I think I might be a little bit in love with him - he was funny, sexy, one of the most handsome men I've laid eyes on in a while, and an excellent musician and songwriter.

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