Mar 24, 2005

Paul Kamran

Paul Kamran
Paul Kamran,
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Velvet Lounge booked a band trifecta last night in Brice Woodall, Paul Kamran and Park Police.

The DCeiver is a mystery no more!

Brice Woodall's name is all over the place and I had certainly seen his name on many an Arlington Music Scene listserve post, but hadn't ever made the effort to see him. They say 7 contacts makes a sale - so what can he do but yell "Reco!" now that he's closed my fandom.

Paul Kamran and his backing band (name to be determined)put on an impressive first performance. An added perk was getting real time NBA updates through the monitor(originating from the loopy laptop on stage) between songs. I look forward to watching this new entity grow.

Park Police. Well, honestly, I was exhausted and left before I heard any of these guys, but the blogosphere has nothing but rave reviews for them.

Thanks to the ever chivalrous Mike Holden for keeping me safe on the mean streets.


Mike said...

It was good to see you at Velvet, Wendy. As much as I like going out in the U Street area, it gets shady sometimes. Don't walk to your car alone! Glad you made it home ok.

jeffro said...

ain't nuthin' like hearing about LeBron James pour in some points while you listen to Paul Kamran's "Pure."

PK said...

Hey Wendy - thanks again for coming by to check it out. I got a special little thrill seeing my band's picture on your flickr page next to one of Wilco. Because, yeah, we're that good. :)

Also, I have to say that I found Park Police astonishingly good. I knew Brice would be good - I've seen him a few times - but I only knew these guys through mp3s and mutual friends. Their web site mp3s don't begin to do them justice; hopefully their upcoming CD will. Anyway, they took the power trio format to really fun and musically interesting places while still bringing the rock. A really pleasant surprise.

Thanks again!