Mar 25, 2005

Bostonist has found the Beantown's peanut gallery. I used to be in his audience quite regularly, and was fond of "Beauty Shop." If you're ever in Boston on a weekend, tell your cab driver to take you to the Cantab.

So you're prepared, Little Joe is approximately 4'9" tall, stands on a block, and is 82 years of age.

Cantab, by the way, means:
1. Especially used in abbreviations of academic degrees: Cantabrigiensis (Latin), belonging to Cambridge.
Example: BA Cantab

so in this case Cantab refers to one from Cambridge, Mass.

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Anonymous said...

By comparison, the pope is 84 and we all think of him as really old, right? Little Joe is STILL lighting up a smoke-filled bar for hours every weekend night at 82.