Mar 8, 2005

My boss has the opportunity to nominate several people for a LARGE "Genius" grant. That's the only criteria, that the person is a genius, so we obviously had a discussion today about the definition of a genius. Do you just know one when you meet one? Should the person be really good at just one thing or really good at all sorts of things? Should he/she already be rich/recognized or should this grant be something that changes his/her life? Why can we only think of white men? Should they be political?
Well, I thought this was a pretty fun exercise, and I decided that if I had a chance, who among the people I know would I nominate? And I can't really come up with any one criteria except that these people are THINKIN'. I'd nominate Craig S., Newley P., Nicole B., Todd F., and probably Jenny T. These are people I know will say stuff I never would have thought of on my own, that always have interesting contributions and that are doing things to change our world, in however small a niche, and who pop to mind when I think of the word genius.


wharman said...

Also I think I'd nominate Jordan M., one of the members of the blogroll to your right over there. Who would you nominate?

Anonymous said...

i would nominate that Rick H. fella. i mean, where does he come up with some of that stuff?!??!