Mar 4, 2005

Not the Arcade Fire kind but the real deal. I drove up to Frederick, MD, this morning to celebrate the life of Harry Kemp. He lived to 93, and by all accounts lived quite well. He's the grandfather of my cousin's husband, so I had only met him a couple of times, but thought he was the salt of the earth. Frederick is one of the cutest towns I've seen. I highly recommend it for a daytrip adventure.

After the service, I hopped in my car to follow the procession to the burial ceremony. I left my radio on, which I kind of thought was weird but it was too quiet without it. I could only get a country station, and as I pulled into the cemetery Shania Twain's "Looks Like We Made It" started playing. This is humorous for many reasons, but the most important one is the memory that jumped into my head and made me smile:

In college I took a class entitled "Nature Writing" with my friend Heather. The class required that we go hiking and camping on some weekends, and on one particularly long hike Heather (who had a BAD case of asthma) and I (who is just plain not a hiker) were way behind and dirty and cold and miserable but still laughing at ourselves. When we were finally homeward and city bound again (and believe me, there were moments when neither of us thought we would be), that same Shania song was on the radio and without speaking we both started belting out the part about "making it."

Since this was the first funeral I've been to since Heather's, I enjoyed that she seemingly winked down at me this morning.


wharman said...

3rd Arcade Fire mention.

Anonymous said...

You're right. It's easier now. Thanks for going to the funeral. I'm glad it provided a good memory for you.