Mar 9, 2005

A free copy of the album came in the mail today, so all troubles have subsided. Best record ever.
This little store is frustrating the bejesus out of me. Why would a group of guys decide to open a record store in this day and age of digitally transferred music? Not important, because it's done and it's not 50 feet from my back door, so I feel obligated to support the little engine that could. I don't own a turntable, so I'm not going to be looking for hard-to-find vinyl, just your garden variety CD's. Almost two weeks ago I special ordered the Andrew Bird record, and as of 6:00pm today, it's still not in. Amazon would have had it here in 3 days for a few dollars less, but I sleep better at night having ordered it from Crooked Beat.

However, when I checked in earlier this evening, I found a little in-store CD release performance by French Toast happening, and a crowd of people in the narrow store bopping their heads. I suppose this is why I still like record stores.

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