Mar 25, 2005


1. All of the apartments in Northern Virginia are carpeted.

2. Never ever be sure that the start of the baseball season is in mid-April, but get excited when the website tells you that an Orioles v. Nats game is happening at RFK stadium on March 25.. Because if you do that, you might think you've hit on a secret exhibition game and immediately purchase tickets. You're smarter than that. Well, the game at Space Coast Stadium in Melbourne, FL started 15 minutes go, and the will-call folks are probably wondering where I am.

3. My family has arrived in DC for Easter and the Cherry Blossom Festival, which means we better make damn pretty easter eggs this year and by Monday morning I'll be typing with a serious southern accent.

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Underused said...

1. That's because NoVa was built in the 70's and 80's, long after the art of hardwood flooring had been forgotten.

2. That sucks. There are still decent seats available for the Nats-Mets exhibition game *at RFK* on April 3.

3. Oh. Um, Happy Easter? I didn't really have a comment for this one.