Feb 25, 2005

Thanks to Juliet H. I did make it to Wilco last night. Wanna know the weird part? They were selling face-value tickets at the will-call window. Like, lots of them. I'm really sorry if you didn't go because crazy thought of all crazy thoughts, you believed the show to be sold out. I'm also really sorry if you overpaid on Craig's List or Ebay. I can't explain it. DC is a weird town.

The show was phenomenal. We did some moving, spending a good part of the show on the balcony with zero visibility of the stage. Then, Bob Eucker be damned, "club" employee Julie C. shoveled us through to the front row! Pictures are currently uploading. stay tuned. They put on a great show - whose setlist I did not write down and cannot remember.

I started yesterday by listening to a man whistle "Walk Like an Egyptian." It's safe to say the day only improved, musically.

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nm said...

hey, it was great to meet you too! thanks so much for coming.

if you're serious about commissioning an iPod cozy, e-mail me (seeking_irony @ yahoo.com) and let me know what color and any other specifications, like if you have a specific button or pin you'd like to use. i think my mom was talking about charging around $20 for them, but i'd have to ask her again.