Feb 21, 2005

Here's the thing. Last Train Home is a great band, but they're also sort of genreless, not fitting neatly into the indie category in the traditional sense of the word, not the country category because they play a lot of rock n roll, not rock n roll because they play a lot of blues, etc, etc, etc. The members, while they're superior musicians who are full of life and play superior live shows, are not young hipsters. The shows make their loyal crowd feel - gasp - happy; their music isn't angry or activist, but it is really well done, thought provoking, and fun.

The band has recorded a new collection of songs that'll be released next month, and we had a meeting yesterday about how to create some buzz for these hardworking and talented men. They always get great reviews from prominent print outlets, they have good distribution, and play lots of shows all over the country. I mostly call the local papers a few weeks before they play a particular neck of the woods to get some ink and let the public know they'll be crashing through town. They've hired the requisite radio promoter and publicist company for this record, but I feel really sad that it's so tough to get this great music and many other artists' music in front of the kids who will really love it if they hear it. I'd like to figure out where the tipping point is for them.

All that said, I have a BUNCH of copies of the new record, Bound Away, and would love for some "sneezing" blogs to cover the release.


wharman said...

Also, there are a LOT of people in LTH, representing almost all the instruments. How can you not find something to love?

Anonymous said...

i know they aren't like jimmy buffett but that may as well have been a description of jimmy and the coral reefers. they will find their way to broad stardom! then they will have a great fan base with which they can always rely on for a great time!

wharman said...

I guess it's good that they're leaving tomorrow for their inaugural tour of the Caribbean then... I see them more like Lyle Lovett and his big band, because the sound is more similar, but your analogy is good.