Feb 10, 2005

FMC's own Jenny Toomey will be judging the laptop battle at DC9 this Saturday. What in the world is a laptop battle? I haven't the slightest, but here are a few quotes from the website:

"For these folks and the likeminded, growing in number, there's just music and math -- the same thing, really, a series of 1's and 0's filtered through FruityLoops or CoolEdit or Reason on a laptop. And it's the musically inclined of these that will adopt step-into-the-arena stances for the Mid-Atlantic Laptop Battle at DC9."

"The listing hypes it as "ELECTRONIC MUSIC'S NEW CULTURAL PHENOMENON"! Wow! We're not sure about that."

"I've been to at least one bar where the bartender will run his own personal collection of laptop music - pumped out through the bar's speaker system. This laptop battle thing seems like the next logical step. Let's get it on!"

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