Feb 3, 2005

According to a recent Harvard study, getting sick in the United States is going to cost you. And it could cost you so much that you might just go bankrupt.
"Unless you're Bill Gates, you're just one serious illness away from bankruptcy," said Dr. David Himmelstein, an associate professor of Medicine at Harvard.

And, if you're without health insurance at all, and you have to go to the hospital for near-death symptoms (2 weeks of fever, constant vomiting, and complete inability to get out of bed), you'll learn from med students in the ER that you may have a rare pulmonary disease instead of just a really bad flu, and you MUST have a CAT SCAN and MANY X-Rays. You'll tell the med students that you don't have health insurance, and you'll beg them not to do any tests that aren't absolutely VITAL. They'll do all of them anyway. You'll get a bill a week later, when you're just beginning to be able to walk down the stairs to the outdoors again, having lost over 25 pounds, and you'll receive a bill for over $6,000.


Gina Beck said...

But that was my FAVORITE night in Foggy Bottom. Isn't THAT worth $6,000? Here's the PSA...never ever tell the ER that you're short of breath. You come in with the flu or sprained ankle, you leave with your flu or your sprained ankle, but somewhere in between you develop a very real danger of dying of a pulmonary embolism. It's like bizzaro world, only WAY more expensive.

wharman said...

And they're not afraid to discharge you at 3am, telling you they're unable to call a cab. They'll let you walk several blocks braless, dirty, and fevered. In hurricane Isabelle.