Jan 26, 2005

Saw both Sideways and Hotel Rwanda over the weekend. Sideways made me want to drink pinot noir. Hotel Rwanda made me want to drink scotch. Both were good flics in the way they were respectively supposed to be.

Back to last weekend. In between all the drama there was eating at taverns and riding on trains to Baltimore, and getting stuck in Penn Station for over three hours. You know where they don't have heat? That's right, in Penn Station in Baltimore. I'm still thawing my feet and think I may lose the middle right one, but the snow sure was pretty.

There was LOTS of listening in between all the chewing and movie watching. It's not my life crisis (for once!!) so my big mouth had better not divulge the nitty gritty, but I remembered how good it is to have lifelong friends to count on and laugh with when the shit is hitting the fan.

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