Jan 11, 2005

Well, 4 days in to the swimming regimen I've torn up my shoulder. 500 yards was all I could muster last night before de-chlorinating and ordering jambalaya from New Orleans Cafe. The owner there believes me to be a vegetarian, so spends all the time it takes to make the jambalaya (which has andouille sausage in it) explaining the delicious varieties of vegetarian dishes he'd like for me to try next time.

My night also included a trip to Video American, where I chose the last VHS of Napolean Dynamite. Since neighbor Steve S. walked in right after me, he missed out! so I graciously offered to get the DVD version and allowed him to rent the VHS. Don't let anyone tell you I'm not a sweetheart. The young man checking out before us mentioned he'd be playing at DC9 tonight with his band The Rude Staircase, opening for The Carlsonics. No idea what I'm recommending here, as I didn't even get to see what the kid was renting, but the cooler-than-thou video clerk seemed pumped up about the show...

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wharman said...

I failed to mention that Steve greeted me by humping my thigh, so caused something of a ruckus in the small video store Upon the clerk's suggestion that we just get the one tape and watch it together, I nervously engaged the Rude Staircase member in front of me in conversation, where I learned that he was a member of Rude Staircase and would be playing this evening.