Jan 7, 2005

The Sad Little Stars were indeed sad and at times a bit flat, but overall I enjoyed the show. By some ill fate and a PBR, I was left with only $7 in my pocket. Luckily, the female little star was sitting at the merch table as I perused the goods and she let go of a CD for a discounted price... We're listening to it at FMC headquarters now.

It was good to see old intern Juliet as well as Andy Zipf, his wife Miriam, and manager Shawn. Andy explained that he's somewhat responsible for these dueling IOTA and Black Cat shows this week...quite by accident. I guess they wanted to play with him at IOTA a few weeks back but he already had an opener, so suggested them to Stephen @ IOTA for another show, no one realizing that they were being booked in the "same" town in the same week. I don't think anyone was probably all that financially hurt, and I enjoyed being able to take my pick of day and venue.

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