Dec 29, 2004

Start at 9am. Put a little Italian music on, get a big pot and add a little olive oil in the bottom. Slice 2 garlic cloves into thin slices. Add them to the pot with the olive oil. Let it simmer, don't let it burn.

Go to the butcher, buy 1 or 2 pounds each of hot and sweet sausage. Buy 2 pounds of ground beef (for the meatballs) and I don't know what type of meat is for hte braccoile. I call up a day in advance and say I want about 8-10 slices of meat to make braccoile. They know exactly what I need. They are Italians. Back to the recipe: your garlic is simmering, put the sausage in the pot and cook it for an hour.While that's cooking, make the braccoile by laying it out flat and shaking garlic salt, pepper, parmesan cheese, and parsley on it, then rolling it up and tying a string around it. Put the rolls into the pot, too. Then add all sorts of pureed tomatoes, whole tomatoes, and tomato paste and simmer all the live long day.

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