Mar 9, 2004

I smell a conflict of interest. Jay Mohr's "Last Comic Standing" on NBC is produced by Jay's manager, who also happens to manage 2 of the 10 finalists on the TV show. Celebrity "judges" Drew Carey and Brett Butler now charge that they never had a say at all in the elimination process, as they would have picked the funny kids, not the "managed" ones.

Recently, 2 of my artists were involved in a competition for a bid to a music conference. HM didn't happen to be a judge, but if I were, I would have had a hard time not picking them to go. I don't know what the point system was for this competition, and I don't happen to agree with the outcome, but I know I didn't rig it for personal gain.

Jay Mohr happens to be one of my favorite comics. I've made efforts several times to see him, and I was excited about his "American Idol" for comedy, but the show didn't live up to my hype. I hope they can figure out a fair and entertaining way to present up and coming comics on such a grand scale.

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