Mar 8, 2004

I've always known Clear Channel was an evil empire, I just didn't know it was connected like the mob to the US Government. There's now a published conspiracy theory on the recent FCC crackdowns, and why Clear Channel isn't putting up a fight.

Clear Channel, hereinafter "CC," is based in TX. CC is VERY pro-Bush and has a lot of money in Bush's pocket. 2004 is an election year. Janet Jackson had an unfortunate wardrobe malfunction at the Super Bowl. The US Govt. saw the perfect opportunity to crackdown on ... talk radio shows? in the name of decency for our children.

The conspiracy theorists have surmised that Bush has implored the FCC to make it impossible for shock jocks and other traditionally liberal media to be able to express their true opinions on Bush's policies by suspending them for the same "indecency" that has been ok for the last 20 years.

If even a minute speck of this theory is true, I am afraid for our 1st Amendment.

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