Mar 1, 2004

Personally, not so good, but musically it was all I could have dreamed about. After wrecking my car and flattening my tire, I was transportationally challenged. Luckily, I have a good friend in Jen J. and she allowed me to drive her ultra sporty and decidedly newer Jetta around town.

Went out to TT Reynolds to see Shane Hines and Sam Fisher. Enjoyed Sam's set, and found him a pleasure to speak with. He set Shane up for a gig tonight at UVA, so definitely have no complaints about him. Hopefully these two will get to play together a lot more once On Tour Agency signs Shane to their roster. Fingers crossed.
The band played better than I have ever seen them play, and they had fun. There was a line out the door to get in, and for the first time I saw this incredible energy between the guys. I got goose bumps round about the second song that didn't go away until after midnight. Goose bumps of pride, my friends.

Got the front row at Galaxy Hut for Andy Zipf's show. He had an alarm clock and a Mac set up on stage along with his acoustic guitar. Thoughts like, "This could go really badly if he doesn't pull it off just right" ran through my head. I don't know why I doubted - this was one of those few-in-a-lifetime performances for me that, Harmany Music involvement or not, I will count among my top 5 shows ever. I don't think revolutionary is the word, but something close. This kid blows me away. I will not quit saying it until the masses recognize. AND, he played Goodbye Yellow Brick Road.

When Andy finished, I crossed the street to Iota for another of Last Train Home's shows. With 50 people on the waiting list to get in and the crowd rockingly packed inside, I again felt a surge of the ole chilly bumps and pride to be a part of such a great, fun band. Eric Brace said after LTH's New Year's Eve show that he didn't quite feel the magic he had hoped for. At the end of last night I just went up to him and said, "There's your New Year's Eve magic," and he wholeheartedly agreed.

To see all three bands play the best sets I've seen from them within a span of 24 hours made this a weekend to remember.

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