Mar 9, 2004

For the first time in 4 years, my rattling car pulled into a warehouse to witness band practice. It looked exactly like all the Gibb Droll and Edwin McCain practice spaces of yore. I went in order to forge a closer relationship to the boys who aren't Shane in SHANE HINES.
The meeting went well, and I think we're on a similar page now. I understand all that they're doing to make this venture a success and they now have a better understanding of what I do all day for them. As things with this band get more and more serious, i.e. more shows, more press, more buzz, and an upcoming record release, it was important for us to share all of our concerns and make a plan to capitalize on this success.

One quick story: At tour rehearsal for Edwin McCain in Atlanta in the summer of 99, the band was sharing practice space with TLC, as they worked on their moves for their upcoming No Scrubs tour. I was able to hang out with the girls, who are VERY small, and watch them work out the moves in between listening to Edwin and the boys prepare for the Messenger tour. I didn't see any of the notorious fighting, but I did see many a fancy sports car and Falcons football player walking in and out. And Left Eye bought me a coke. Good times.

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