Feb 4, 2004

A Wilco-esque saga. Clive Davis becomes the founder of Arista Records. He has HUGE success. 4 years ago, Arista dumps him for L.A. Reid. Clive starts J Records. He has HUGE success. RCA and J merge and Clive is named the head of both labels. L.A. Reid "retires" from his post at Arista, and one week later Clive Davis is named the head of BMG North America, making him once again the head of Arista at (presumably) least three times the price.
Hollywood Reporter

I spoke with Clive on the phone once while I was clerking at an entertainment law firm. I was assisting in the LFO deal. We worked it out and LFO saw "I Like Girls Who Wear Abercrombie & Fitch" shoot to the top of the radio charts.

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