Feb 25, 2004

I remember our little Justin Timberlake co-starring with Kathie Lee Gifford in a made-for-TV picture a couple of years ago called Model Behavior.
His next first movie will prevent him from co-hosting the Motwon Special with Lionel Richie.

Holes in this statement abound. JT says filming the movie will preclude his ability to be at the taping of the Motown Special, but they don't yet have an air date for the special. In addition, I'm sure there's a plane, train, or automobile that could make both endeavors possible.
Other theories for JT's resignation from Motown: (a) he's not black (b) some arrested Islamic organization leader said he didn't want JT (c) he's still in trouble for touching Janet's booby (d) the FCC said so (which is the popular answer to all mass programming's recent changes in line-up).

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