Feb 23, 2004

Friends from all over were in town and we all like beer, so chose to meet up on Friday night at the Brickskeller, DC's most-beered pour house. I love the idea this place puts forth, but I've always found that they don't have the beers I want in stock. An average of 6 different orders must be placed before you finally say Bud Light and get a drink in front of you.

Well, too many other people had the same idea, and so we went to Childe Harold's instead.

Good friends and conversation ensued until I saw a one-man-band appear and set up right in front of us, selling Jonasay records. Jonasay is a pretty well known band around DC, and has had a video on VH1, and generally tours frequently in all the rooms I am constantly trying to get to take my artists. I was surprised to see the lead singer playing covers at this dive bar. Friend Newley P., also a friend of Jonasay's drummer, informed me that the band had recently called it quits.

This mysterious man with a guitar played an obscure cover of an old Edwin McCain song, so at the break I was inclined to speak with him. We had a good talk and he explained that the band had stopped b/c they made a deal with an organization I am now involved with who basically screwed them over. Good to know.

He then referred to me and my friends several times over the mic, and my recently engaged friend, Alison M., even got on stage to sing a beautiful rendition of "Closer to Fine" with him. CONGRATULATIONS, AL!

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