Feb 16, 2004


My Role and Responsibilities as an Intern
part 1

Webster defines an intern as: "an advanced student or graduate usually in a professional field"
Now, I’m not going to fight the man, but...

Some people (Hi, Mom) wanted to know what I did as an intern...here you go:

Feb. 12, 2004

Me: Hey
Shane: Dawg
Me: Right. So I was thinking… and I find that to be true from…also anyone who reads that might think…. And I agree with that too…. Should I do that now or is it to early? Whatever happened to that quote unquote situation with the lost clipboard? Oh yes and while I’m thinking about it… the picture… Plus did you get my last email about the chart? Oh yea and about those t-shirts, well i've been wearing them…have you talked to Wendy? (Insert deep breath here) Ehhh… let’s see what else…

Shane: Hey, kat? What’s your sign?

Me: What? Taurus. Why?

Shane: I’ve been reading the paper and your horoscope for the day is…….

Me: (speechless)

Shane: So what’s up?

Me: I just asked you 80 questions

Shane: I just read your horoscope


Shane: Look at that, your horoscope was right. It said your patience would be tested today.

Shane: Clearly.

Shane: Hey... Kat? do you think you could...

clearly not.
-Intern Kat

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