Jan 7, 2004

HM received the following email via the Arlington Music Scene listserv and we'd like to share it.
Super congrats to all the folks that got nominated for WAMMIES. There's a lot of talent in this here town, a lot lot and I think we should be proud of our little musical collective thingy.

Thanks to those who nominated the Prophets record, that was super nice of ya. Speaking of nice that Thomas from Run Silent Run Deep he's a nice person for sure after that email yesterday. I hope that everyone can come out to the Velvet on Saturday and make your own observations about the Prophets so you can say stuff like -
"Dang, that band was good and their bass player IS the man and what a jolly bunch of chums to get sauced with. That Thomas is one smart cookie...he's like the Joe Gibbs of rock and roll".

Or conversely if you hate us (I know I know....like THAT could happen seeing as how we're so fun. I mean, who hates the Monkees....look how fun they were) you could stand outside the club and when Thomas walks out yell stuff like "Dang Thomas you're completely insane and off your Aunt Fanny's clearance sale at Target rocker....those guys were total sucky losers, the singer was a dorkus maximus carnivorous and the guitar tones were bad and...."

At that point you wouldn't be able to say anything else because our guitarist Wesley gets a tad berserk when his tone gets criticized and starts to bash away like Captain Caveman. But anyway to see for yourself whether Thomas is mentally fit to stand trial....

The Pharmacy Prophets at the Velvet Lounge
w/ Run Silent Run Deep
This Saturday, Jan. 10th.
915 U Street, NW Washington

Harkening back to Thomas' nice email from yesterday if you were creating new WAMMIE categories loaded up for the Pharmacy Prophets I would suggest these -

1) Tallest singer that for some bizarre reason people think is really short
2) Cheap Domestic Beer Industry's Lifetime Achievement Award
3) Marlboro's Vocalist of the Year
4) Award for biggest baldest scariest looking guitarist that giggles like a schoolgirl and drives like my Grandmother
5) Worst rhythm guitar player of the year Award
6) Best Drunks
7) Worst Drunks
8) Least likely to remember conversations that occur after 11:00 P.M.
9) Most likely to embarrass themselves in public
10) Oldest band in Washington, D.C.

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