Jan 31, 2004

The glorified basement birthday party that was last night turned into a fun affair following some initial bobbles. First of all, I spotted the dork (Charlie Korsmo), from "Can't Hardly Wait" at RFD during happy hour with Kalorama Nation. Charlie also played Siggy in "What About Bob?," probably my favorite movie of all time. At least up there with "Fargo," "Oh, Brother," and "Crazy People."

Gina B. graciously agreed to accompany me to the show, and we arrived while there was still a private party happening in the room. We staked out the specs, made our sneaky move downstairs only to find Mike the Iota doorman there for his roommate's birthday party. Eventually two characters dressed as homeless people showed their faces, set up their own PA, and began to serenade us in the basement. Ah, the joys of being a baby band. 9:30, here we come. Shane played 3 tunes so new even I haven't heard them before, and I honestly enjoyed all three of them. It's exciting for me to see his songwriting still growing and getting better with each new song he writes. He also played "Young Pilgrims" by The Shins, and pulled it off remarkably well.

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