Jan 10, 2004

Today is the big football on ice in Foxboro. If you look here, you'll find out the physics of cold football and what the crazy New Englanders are doing to gear up for the game. Go Pats!

To steal from one of HM's favorite blogs of the week, TMFTML, we bring you:

Lines we wish we had written #1:
"Earlier tonight, she grabbed onto me like a chimp on a soft-shell crab: she was very cold. "Warm up my nose!" she demanded. (This is sadly not the first time I've heard this request.) I felt her nose with my cheek, and it was positively Arctic: it felt like how Lara Flynn Boyle looks. Sort of knifelike and in the Kelvin range." via Izzle! Izzle! Pfaff, which was linked to through Number One Hit Song, a daily read for HM.

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