Jan 25, 2004

Long a fan of the dueling piano bars Jellyroll's in Atlanta and Jake Ivory's in Boston, I'll have you know I like to hear Brown Eyed Girl sung out loud by hords of drunk frat kids. From time to time, that is. Last night was one of those times, when I met up with a friend visiting from NYC at Mr. Smith's in Georgetown. Now Mr. Smith's belongs in a slightly different category than the previously mentioned establishments, as there is no dueling - just one guy, one piano. I can't say the guy has a good voice, and I can't say he has good judgment in allowing several drunk but cute women take the mic, but I can say that it's hard to discount good old fashioned sing-a-long fun.
If you happen to live in Boston, or are ever anywhere near Boston on a Friday night, you shouldn't miss Mel Stiller's sing-a-long at Jacob Wirth's. By FAR my favorite watering hole in all the world. I lament that I'm not there to hear Mel's vast knowledge of songs transposed to G nearly every Friday night.

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