Jan 15, 2004

Picture it (Sophia style*): February 2002. HM was in the final semester of law school in Boston and all hyped up for the Patriot's Super Bowl win over the St. Louis Rams. We were at a party just two floors above us at an acquainances' house, cheering our little hearts out, when halftime happened. If you'll remember, U2 performed while a huge scrolling list of 9/11 vicitims' names whizzed behind the band. It was a touching moment to be sure, but one party attendee who HM did not know ran to the TV, hugged it, and began crying. This undescribable moment happened not b/c the painful memories of 9/11 were on her mind, but b/c she was that moved by seeing Bono on the tube. We thought it was classic.
It looks like something that wonderful won't happen again this year, as we now live in DC and U2's plea to perform at this year's halftime show has been TURNED DOWN.

* Remember Sophia from The Golden Girls? Having just read The Da Vinci Code, I was interested to see that many of the characters' names were drawn from Holy Grail lore. The creator of the show must be a buff.

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