Dec 23, 2003

I've gathered a bunch of individual critic's Best Of 2003's lists for you here...
1. Miami Herald: names Baptist Generals' No Silver/No Gold as the best record of the year.
2. Amazon: names The Shins' Chutes Too Narrow as the year's best. Amazon has a list of 100.
3. MetaCritic: names Led Zeppelin? among many other interesting choices.
4. The Onion: Basement Jaxx is the favorite here.
5. The Onion: Least essential music in 2003
6. Basement Galaxy: names The Strokes' Room on Fire #1.
7. Stanky Groove: cuts the list down to 5, and has some opinionated and not so positive remarks about several albums that are included on every other list I've seen, Outkast and The White Stripes.
8. The Record (Harvard Law School's independent paper): names The White Stripes' Elephant the best of the year.
9. Random people collected together posting their Top 5:

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