Dec 5, 2003

The Recording Academy is launching an ad campaign to educate pirates on the effect their stolen booty has on the music industry's booty. I'm not sure the real seafaring pirates would be guilted into ceasing their terror by an ad campaign, and the music pirates didn't get their name arbitrarily... via the Miami Herald, AP
I am enjoying the chaos this phenomenon of free music has created. I'd love to see a way for artists get paid when someone gets possession of their music, but the cat's already out of the bag, eye-patch sales are WAY up (hint to the RIAA - maybe you should start selling them) and music is free on the internet. I have no doubt someone will find a way to fix this problem WAY after it should have been taken care of, but for now the anarchy of the high seas is, well, kind of fun...

Copyfight has weighed in on this campaign as well, and has some helpful links to other opinions the ad campaign has spurned.

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