Dec 24, 2003

ABC has filed an understandable analysis of last week's RIAA v. Verizon here.
The RIAA is obviously making sure the public knows they still intend to sue us all. I can appreciate the psychology they are most likely operating under, that of scaring us into paying for our music. It's the old, "I'm gonna count to three!" routine. I think the general public is smarter than that, and making the RIAA's defensive foot stomping and yelling, "we're still going to sue the bejesus out of you" rhetoric look a little foolish.
Let the music wars continue, indeed. I can't wait to see what Congress does... This ruling unabashedly invited Congress to revisit Rule 512 of the DMCA.
In the meantime, please do pay for your music. The artists worked hard on it and spent more money than you can imagine making sure you'd hear enough about it to look it up and steal it on Kazaa.

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