Dec 4, 2003

HERE is a link to some of the main categories. You can find a complete listing at I haven't had a chance to thoroughly peruse the nominations, but at cursory glance, I'll let you know what stood out:
Justin Timberlake has been nominated in all sorts of categories. I may take some flack for this, but I DO have a soft spot in my heart for that boy
Heather Headley, former star of Broadway's The Lion King, is nominated in "Best New Artist." I didn't know she had an album out, but congrats to her.
At this time I must also admit that every time one of those catchy Matchbox Twenty songs is on the radio, I like it, so congrats to them for the "Best Rock Album" nod. I'm loving "City Lights" right now...
Faith Hill's "Cry" is up for "Best Country Album," and I couldn't care less about her, but BIG props to Angie Aparo for this one... He wrote the title track "Cry" and his version is beautiful.

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