Dec 22, 2003

After standing for over 6 hours at my post at 2941, I headed to the Velvet Lounge on Saturday night, or early Sunday morning, to glimpse the band who's CD I've been listening to nonstop for weeks.
I honestly wouldn't have gone there, as my feet were in heels and horrendous pain, except that I had a hunch I'd see Shane Hines boppin in the audience and I wanted to give him his Christmas gift (socks) before I leave town later today.
My first foray into the funky little club on U Street was a good one. The sound was terrific, until the guitarist overheated his amp about 20 minutes after my arrival. I gave the socks to Shane and was on my way home...
You can catch Jon Kaplan of the Bicycle Theives opening for Shane Hines at Jammin Java on Sunday, December 28th.

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