Dec 20, 2003

I was very proud of both these bands tonight. As Andy took the stage at Iota opening for Last Train Home, he sounded rich and full of the energy that he's going to bring to the world in very short order. Just wait, he'll be on all the year-end "best of(s)" for 2004. I am amazed by his voice and intensity every time I see him.

Last Train Home delightfully put on a show that I haven't seen before. They began with a Christmas tune, and continued to smartly place more in between their more traditional tunes. But traditional tunes off their usual setlist was not the order of the night... LTH surprised me by their intelligent jams and spontaneous fun. Lead singer Eric Brace is suffering from a flu-like thing and his voice isn't entirely up to par, so he saved it by allowing brother Alan and guitarist Scott McKnight to fill in the lead vocals on about 6 occasions. This band makes me more happy to work with them every time I'm in the audience. I hear that for the rest of the weekend at Iota, Eric's sister will be helping out on vocals as well. I'm hoping to catch the Sunday show...

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