Jun 24, 2016

Daily Questions

Nerd alert. For the last two years I have been tracking my daily life by answering a set of questions designed to help me reach my goals. The questions change with my goals and other life circumstances, but the practice is always there. 

I traveled this week and found it hard to do as well on Health as I wanted.

How I Started Daily Questions
Introduced to the concept of daily questions in my American Red Cross LEAD program, which is a cohort of employees there being groomed for executive positions, my colleague Carrie and I teamed up and committed to talking to each other every morning for 15 minutes to go over our progress from the previous day. Sometimes these conversations are like therapy and other times a mechanical checking of the box, but every day we are held accountable to one another. 

How Our Daily Questions Practice Has Evolved
I left the American Red Cross in January, so Carrie and I agreed to continue to do our questions daily but to talk just on Fridays. We skip some of them because our schedules are nutso, but by and large we continue to support one another in this nerdy way. 

My questions are divided into 4 categories: Health, Wellness, Learning, and Work Performance, with 3-5 subquestions designed to push me to reach my overall goals. Most of the answers are simple yes, no, with 3 qualitative questions I treat sort of like a diary. 

Since Carrie and I talk on Fridays, I organized my questions to showcase Friday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday rather than a traditional work week. 

Additional Motivation: Adding Grades
About a month ago, I decided to take it up a notch. I am continually embarrassed that I don't know as much about what's possible with spreadsheets as I should, so I decided to use my questions to teach myself a few formulas and some conditional formatting. I coded the yes/no questions as 1s and 0s, and averaged my scores by category and activity horizontally, and by each day's performance vertically. I then average my scores for the week to give myself a weekly grade. 

It's much tougher to get all As on this report than it ever was in school. 

Week of May 30

Week of June 6

June 13

Jun 18, 2016

Alligator Attacks in Florida from 1970s to now

I grew up in Stuart, FL. I learned to water ski in the St. Lucie River, and I know that river better than I know how to use social media in disasters.

I've never looked at a single body of water without figuring it has an alligator in it, but realize now that's a byproduct of the location of my upbringing. I don't assume I will be attacked, but I respect the possibility and stay aware.

I mapped where and when alligator attacks happen, based on this wikipedia list and this Orlando Sentinel article:

Here's the breakdown of the time of year alligator attacks happen:

Quick side story. My family and I were lucky in July 2011 to attend the final shuttle launch STS-135 Atlantis at Cape Canaveral. My cousin's little boy had fun learning to say, "3,2,1 ... blastoff!" We cheered and hollered while witnessing this historic event in real life. As we walked back to our car when it was over, there was an alligator chillin' in the parking lot. I don't think the little boy remembers the shuttle launch at all, and he reports that the exciting thing that happened that day was seeing an alligator by the car!

Jan 2, 2015

My Favorite Music of 2014

Once again I enthusiastically made an effort to listen to new music in 2014. In no particular order, here are my favorite 15 albums of 2014, my favorite 15 songs of 2014, some data visualizations of the 83 albums I listened to a bunch this year, and the excel file where I kept track of things.

Sharon Jones and the Dap Kings
Give the People What They Want

Against Me!
Transgender Dysphoria Blues

Morning Phase

Jack White

Perfume Genius
Too Bright

Sun Kil Moon

The War on Drugs
Lost in the Dream

The Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett

Strange Desire

They Want My Soul

Ryan Adams
Ryan Adams

Lake Street Drive
Bad Self Portraits

First Aid Kit
Stay Gold

Kris Delmhorst
Blood Test


Favorite 15 Songs of 2014

Two Coffins by Against Me!
Alone in My Home by Jack White
Grid by Perfume Genius
Wild Heart by Bleachers
Heart is a Drum by Beck
Let Me Be Mine by Spoon
My Wrecking Ball by Ryan Adams
Cruel Cities by Augustines
Chandelier by Sia
The Waitress Song by First Aid Kit
Lazy Wonderland by Broken Bells
Mr. Tembo by Damon Albarn
Habit by Ought
Just One of the Guys by Jenny Lewis
Here it Comes by Painted Palms

I tend to like new material by familiar artists...
2014 albums from my favorite to less favorite...

2014 songs from my favorite to less favorite
The Full Excel File of nerdiness

Dec 31, 2013

Music Making Me Smile in 2013

After a years long break in paying any attention whatsoever to new music, I spent many hours of 2013 with headphones on, Spotify streaming. Here are the albums that made me smile.

Jason Isbell Southeastern
My personal favorite of the year. Lands right in my alt-country sweet spot with masterful turns of musical and lyrical phrase. Love it and can't wait to see him live in January at 9:30 Club. Spotify

American Kid
I probably listened to Ohio more than any other song this year. Spotify 

Modern Vampires Of The City
Diane Young always upsets the elliptical program, because my heartrate gets out of the "cardio" area and into the "undefined but you'll probably die soon" area. Spotify

Post punk catchiness. Spotify

Complete My Album: Get Born Sinner for Special Price
Finally starting to get this whole hip hop thing. Spotify

The jangly pop is enjoyable Spotify

My main man having fun. Spotify

I don't even know where I found this one, but I do smile every time one of these songs afro pops up on shuffle. Spotify

My friend Travis calls this Orbisonesque Latin-influenced cowboy dancehall music. Spotify

Our modern Bob Dylan? Spotify

Pitchfork certainly isn't impressed, but I like it. Spotify

First saw them on SNL. Spotify

The first time I've gotten these guys. Spotify

Sucker for baroque, sucker for Punch Brothers. Spotify

Kenyan power punch! Spotify

Soothing Americana. Spotify